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Before and After

Here are just some of the lives we have changed for the better.

before and after picture of a rescue dog malnourished.

Spirit Before Rescue

Spirit was just days away from death when we initiated the rescue of the Spring Branch Nine. Spirit was severely underweight and infected with mange and parasites.

Spirit After Rescue

Now, Spirit is living a much happier life without mange or parasites. Her weight is in much better condition now as well as hair/skin. As of November of 2019, Spirit is still on the road to recovery and growing into her body as she is not fully grown. 

before and after picture of a rescue dog
Great Dane before and after picture of being rescued

Sarge Before Rescue

Sarge was an owner surrender that was turned over to our rescue. As we were told, Sarge's previous owner left him to sleep under the porch while being severely underfed for his size. On top of that, he had to be taken to the vet for cuts and infections that were threatening his life.

Sarge After Rescue

Sarge is infection-free now, while also owning his own seat on his foster mom pictured to the right. He is no longer an outside dog and has a proper diet for his 42 inches of height. With love and proper care, Sarge has thrived.

Great Dane before and after picture of rescue dog
Rescue dog before and after picture.

Olivia Before Rescue

Olivia was rescued along with Spirit from the Spring Branch Nine. She was malnourished and had coccidia and giardia along with virtually no care resulting in both forms of mange, Demodex and sarcoptic.

Olivia After Rescue

Olivia is doing much better with a diet suited to her needs and recovered from her condition with the proper medication. As of November 2019, we would like to see a little more weight gain but that will happen in time. 

Rescue dog before and after rescue.
Great Dane before and after rescue.

Cayden Before Rescue

Cayden was also apart of the Spring Branch Nine. In his case, he was mainly malnourished significantly like Spirit.

Cayden After Rescue

Cayden made significant progress with his weight gain and is a happy boy. He is currently in foster care with Olivia as of November 2019.

Great Dane before and after rescue.