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Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab Logo

Our Rescue Helps Great Danes by:

  1. Providing for the rescue and care of those who have been abandoned, neglected, and/or abused by their previous owners.
  2. Pursuing medical treatment as necessary to return them back to good health. For example, we provide shots, spay/neuters, and microchips.
  3. Supplying training/socialization to ensure their adaptability to new, suitable homes.
  4. Ensuring to the best of our ability that our rescues go to people who provide secure, loving, and healthy homes.
  5. Providing an experienced and loving foster home for our rescues.
  6. Spending an average of $400 per Great Dane/Dane mix that enters through our doors. In order for us to continue providing the best care and vetting for our Great Danes, we rely on donations and adoptions.

Our Rescue Helps People to:

  1. Determine the right breed of a dog for their lifestyle.
  2. Find a healthy and companionable Great Dane that fits their circumstances.
  3. Find a loving replacement home for their Great Dane in the situation they can no longer care for them.
  4. Become knowledgeable about the care and training that a giant breed requires, especially Great Danes.
  5. Resolve their Great Dane's physical/behavioral problem.
  6. Overcome the grief of a lost, loved pet.
  7. Stretch their tax dollar by assuming the Great Dane burden from public shelters.
  8. Determine if owning a dog is for you as it is a great responsibility.
  9. Give guidance and counseling on anything else we are qualified to do so on.